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“I am admiring OMG!’s courage and its deep commitment to our common cause.” Hans Küng.

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Editorially Speaking…

This issue marks the beginning of our fourth year of publication. Our founding editor, Robert Blair Kaiser, died just as we were beginning to carve out a niche for OMG! His vision was for a magazine of “Culture and Catholic Church Reform.” We have had some hits and some misses in our short history and still seek to fulfill that promise.


During the 60’s and 70’s, fresh voices were calling us in response to the vision of Vatican II. Hans Kung, Edward Schillebeeckx, Karl and Hugo Rahner, Sam Keen, Anthony Padovano, Gregory Baum, Robert Blair Kaiser, Andrew Greeley and many others challenged complacent Catholics across the globe.


We still need such voices today. But equal to their insights are the needed actions of today’s Catholics across the globe. If complacency could be rampant and not be considered an oxymoron—it is. We need to do more than listen—we need to speak: to bishops who suppress the Spirit, to pastors who stifle inclusive celebrations, to our fellow Christians seeking unity. Response is our responsibility.


We are an Easter people – time to rejoice in the theology of hope! During World War II. Cardinal Emmanuel Suhard was detained in his archbishop’s residence in France by Nazi forces. His message still resonates today:

“Go ahead, work to build a new world. It depends on you whether the world

will be Christian or not. The world will belong to those who conquer it first.

It is for you to assure the Springtime of the Church.”




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