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A Tribute From Our Editor…

Sadly, our Managing Editor, M.D. Ridge died this past June. M.D.(Meri Dell) was a liturgical composer, musician, writer, and editor. But to OMG!, she was a whirlwind of words, ideas, insights, and enhancements for our publication.

A resident of VA, M.D. was a cum laude graduate of Le Moyne College in Syracuse, NY. During her career, she published numerous albums and collections of music. If you pick up a hymnal or worship aid in some church, she most likely is in there.

In January of this year, she attended her 19th Liturgical Composers Forum at St. Louis University and returned renewed and excited about her the world of liturgical music. She pronounced the speech by composer Cyprian Coneglio as “breathtaking.” I believe that M.D.’s music and writings fit that description as well.

We never met, except in cyberspace. The luxury of sharing comments with such an excellent wordsmith was a delight. I will miss her guidance and her skills, but mostly her humor. She once referred to herself as “Ming the Merciless” from an old Flash Gordon comic. She also sent me a Grammar Police badge reading: To Serve and Correct.” In whatever articles she edited, she made every word count.

M.D. left a loving family, friends, and colleagues who will miss her. A fitting remembrance of her legacy places her in the lyrics of one of her songs.

“In the day of the Lord the sun will shine,

like the dawn of eternal day.

All creation will rise to dance and sing

the glory of the Lord.”



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