May 2017

by David Timbs
In 1965, Pope Paul VI envisioned a moral charter that would become known as the fundamental law of the Church, which would nurture an ecclesial culture of justice, transparency and accountability in the interpretation and administration of canon law. That work abruptly ceased. David Timbs’ two essays explore why. Read more.

by Massimo Faggioli
Internationally known historian Massimo Faggioli goes to the heart of how denial of historical facts has disconnected theology and the magisterium from the critical inputs of Church history, with grave consequences for the intellectual viability of Catholicism. Read more.

by Robert Betterton & Chris Lowney
Two writers are taking different paths but traveling in the same direction. In his book, Everyone Leads: How to Revitalize the Catholic Church, Chris Lowney presents five ideas with the potential to change the Church’s strategy, culture, and leadership style. Bob Betterton, on the other hand, has chosen to address the same subject through “reality fiction,” with a story of how the successor to Pope Francis makes radical changes to de-clericalize the Church in creative ways. Read more.